It Starts with Community

Since the inception of our work to develop an LNG Project off Canada's East Coast, our company has built strong, local ties in the rural Nova Scotia community where we are looking to build a floating LNG facility.

Whether it be conversations over a coffee or the more formal setting of the Community Liaison Committee, a cross section of local residents and Pieridae meet twice a year to offer project updates and listen to concerns with the focus of finding solutions.

Being a Good Neighbour

Being forthright and upfront with landowners and stakeholders who may be impacted by our operations is an absolute: we will not compromise.

Giving back demonstrates you are committed to being part of a community.

We have a clear policy of financial support that outlines how individual groups can access funding for things that truly make a difference.

Pieridae takes pride in supporting local initiatives such as education through high school STEM scholarships, safety through emergency services, and culture through rodeos.