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We are in the midst of defining our global energy future and Pieridae is stepping up to provide cleaner energy to the world thanks to our ambitious employees.

Pieridae works together to ensure the strength, resiliency and success of our operations across Canada.

Employees are the foundation, the fuel and the future of Canadian natural gas. 
We are seeking more of these inspired professionals to join our management, operations, technical and administrative teams to build an energy future we can all be proud of.

Current Job Postings

Please email resumes and cover letters to [email protected].

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The global energy future is advancing quickly – and Pieridae is stepping to meet it thanks to our ambitious employees. Our teams work hand-in-hand to ensure the strength, resiliency, and success of our operations across Canada. They are the foundation, the fuel, and the future of Canadian natural gas.

We are seeking more of these inspired professionals to join our management, operations, technical and administrative teams.

Our Values


Safety is a core business value that is part of everything we do.

Our motto is: " Choose Safety" – because safety is a choice every day.


Our sustainably produced Canadian natural gas can help replace higher-GHG intensity fuels such as coal, while giving the world the energy it relies on each and every day to cook food, heat homes and provide the fuel for life. Check out our Responsibility page for more details.

Strong Relationships

We are committed to actively engaging with all our Indigenous partners, building our relationship as one of equality in sharing the benefits of the natural resources we produce.

Pieridae remains committed to being a good neighbour, working with communities where we live and operate, with a strong focus on maintaining the trust and respect that has been built up over the years.  


A diverse team brings together different talents, experiences and various skill sets to come up with creative and inventive solutions.

Pieridae recognizes this and understands diversity begins at the top. We have three female directors at the Board level and will continue to look for further ways to enhance diversity at all levels of the company.


All employees fit under our ‘One Pieridae’ mantra.

Everyone brings something new and interesting to the table, and through our focus on communication and connection, we hope to foster a sense of belonging.

One Pieridae for You

Working at Pieridae Energy provides a range of total rewards including benefits coverage for you and your family, paid time off, company retirement savings plan and eligibility for annual incentive and stock option plans. The following is an overview of some rewards offered to employees:

  1. Health Benefits – Pieridae’s benefits program is an important part of the overall compensation and rewards package. The benefits help you meet everyday health and dental expenses, and they cover a wide range of services and resources to help support and care for you and your family. In addition to the standard benefit coverages, employees are also eligible for a Health Spending Account that is funded by the company on an annual basis to support additional health care costs.
  2. Paid Time Off – We all need to take time off to recharge and refresh. In addition to paid vacation time that is commensurate with your position and recognizes relevant experience, Pieridae also provides flex days to support employees to meet personal demands that require time away from work that might otherwise be unpaid.
  3. Retirement Plan – Pieridae encourages all employees to prepare for their long-term financial security. To help you save for your retirement Pieridae has established a Group Retirement Savings Plan to assist employees in saving for retirement and includes company as well as employee contributions.
  4. Incentive Plans – We believe in rewarding performance. In addition to your base compensation, employees are eligible for an annual bonus that is based on both individual and company performance measures. We also want employees to be a part of the longer-term success of our company through the award of company stock options.


Current Job Postings

Please email resumes and cover letters to [email protected].