Being a Champion for Ethical Responsibility

We have a strong background in governance, environmental stewardship, health and safety and stakeholder relations. Our senior leadership team is ready to work hard to lead the way in continuous improvement in these areas.

Pieridae’s environmental performance was benchmarked as a starting place in last year’s report. At that time, we began to evaluate our carbon-related risks and opportunities. 

Download the full ESG Report below:


We will be responsible stewards of the environment, foster mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Peoples in Canada and our stakeholders, and be leaders in demonstrating good governance to establish trust, act with purpose and support Pieridae’s business vision.

Over the past twelve months, Pieridae has focused on its core business of producing energy from its Foothills assets. The Company completed its ESG governance structure update, strengthening its commitment to sustainable energy production. Pieridae offered learning opportunities through the year on various topics such as equity, diversity and inclusion, and Indigenous history in western Canada. The year also included a start in decarbonization studies, with the Company taking concrete next steps toward emissions reduction.

A large thank-you to our team for all the work that went into gathering the information and creating this year’s report.