Canadian University Students to Tour Large-Scale Gas Plant

Evolving Career Choices During the Energy Transition

CALGARY, ALBERTA – May 6, 2022 - Pieridae Energy Limited (“Pieridae” or the “Company”) (PEA.TO)
will hold an event next week that features university students from across Canada who, along with faculty
members from the University of Calgary (U of C), Mount Royal University (MRU) and the University of Toronto
(U of T), will tour Pieridae’s Jumping Pound Gas Complex, just west of Calgary, to learn more about the energy
sector and opportunities for potential careers.

The 14 students who will visit the Gas Complex are from the Universities of Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Waterloo
and Western Ontario; majoring in such areas as: Geoscience, Geophysics, Civil Engineering, Public Policy and
Sustainable Energy Development. They will also be joined by 11 alumni from the U of C, U of T, the University of
Alberta, University of Waterloo and the University of Western Ontario.

This tour has been set up to give students an overview of how a large-scale gas complex operates and how many
of us benefit every day from the products it produces. For example, the natural gas processed at Jumping Pound
is used for cooking, in our gas burners and to heat our homes. It can also be used to generate electricity for our
homes and businesses, fuel vehicles which transport the goods we use, and power air conditioning units.

At a time when much of the energy sector discussion revolves around the fundamental need for fossil fuels along
with the practical energy transition to a lower carbon economy, this tour is important to advance that discussion
and to highlight students’ aspirations and views about Canada’s energy sector as they consider their career paths.
Certain members of the faculties and students will be available for interviews.

Event Details

Where:     Pieridae Jumping Pound Gas Plant Google Maps Link

When:      May 12, 2022 9:30-10:30 a.m., MDT

Who:        Conrad Kenny – Jumping Pound (JP) Site Superintendent
                 Steve Collins – JP Maintenance Foreman
                 Matt Gartner – JP Field Foreman
                 Gurinder Parmar – JP Plant Foreman
                 Ami Broom – Community Liaison Officer

University Guests:          

                David Eaton (U of C - faculty member)
                Giovanni Grasselli (U of T - faculty member)
                Katherine Boggs (MRU - faculty member)
                Gregory Galay (U of C - postdoctoral researcher)
                Jordan Phillips (U of C - staff)

About Pieridae:

Pieridae is a majority Canadian-owned corporation based in Calgary that was founded in 2011. The Company is
focused on the exploration, extraction and processing of natural gas as well as analyzing options for a reconfigured
LNG Project that fits with the current environment and would supply Europe and other markets. Pieridae provides
the energy to fuel people’s daily lives while supporting the environment and the transition to a lower-carbon
economy. After completion of all the transactions disclosed in this news release, Pieridae has 157,641,871
common shares issued and outstanding which trade on the TSX (PEA.TO).

For further information please contact:

Ami Broom, Community Liaison Officer | Jumping Pound Gas Plant
Telephone: (403) 261-5900