Helping First Nations Youth Find Summer Jobs

It was a pleasure for a number of us at Pieridae Energy to take part in the 2nd Annual Treaty 7 Post-Secondary Summer Employment Symposium (CTFT7).

The event is designed to connect post-secondary First Nations students with prospective employers. Emphasis was given to partnering students with companies that would help them advance their chosen career but firms who attended were just as concerned with fit and the ‘soft skills’ that are so important in an office environment.

CTF7’s objective is to close the skills, employment and earning gaps between First Nations and non-Indigenous people, as well as positioning First Nations students for long term career success in a wide range of sectors.

“This program is a great way for Pieridae to see the rich human capital that exists in First Nations’ youth. It isn’t just a career fair. Companies that participate are also offered an introduction to Indigenous history and cultural learning which is very important,” said Community Liaison Officer Thalia Aspeslet said.

One student at the symposium who benefitted from the program last summer said it best, explaining that “the placement inspired confidence and brought out the best in me”.