Day On The Creek

Exploring Values Around Nature

Pieridae is grateful for the opportunity to help fund and take part in Wednesday’s Day on the Creek. Organized by the Waterton Biosphere Reserve, the annual event takes place along the waterway that winds through Pincher Creek. 

Usually attended by over 600 people each year, Day on the Creek hasn’t been able to take place for the last two years due to pandemic concerns.

The event celebrates the rich nature, biodiversity, and history of the creek. It is geared toward giving children in the area a hands-on learning experience – in their own backyard. 

Ten volunteers at Day on the Creek were from Pieridae’s Waterton gas plant. They volunteered in various capacities; from teaching the children about the relationship between living and nonliving things, to presenting them with the ‘Incredible Insects’ in and around the creek, the Waterton employees certainly got their hands dirty. 

Additionally, employees helped with the Métis Heritage and Bannock Making station, where kids learned about the history of the Métis people in the fur trade while they prepared Bannock. Traditional First Nations Knowledge has deep connections to the land we reside on and is therefore essential to the larger conversation about the environment in Canada. 

Day on the Creek encourages people to consider their impact on the environment and the responsibility they take for its well-being. This theme resonates with our values at Pieridae, as we continue to strive for a balance between land development, reclamation, and biodiversity requirements that will minimize negative environmental impacts and optimize the positive, while providing cleaner energy to fuel peoples’ lives.  

Several children clustered around a teacher or volunteer who is showing them something obscured from view. They are outside by the creek, there is a large taxidermy coyote beside them