CALGARY, ALBERTA — October 22, 2018—Pieridae Energy Limited (PEA-TSXV) announces that in accordance with its Directors’ Compensation Policy, 21,960 common shares of Pieridae Energy Limited were granted to its Directors on October 19, 2018, at the price value of $4.18 per share.  


About Pieridae
Founded in 2011, Pieridae, a majority Canadian owned corporation based in Calgary, is focused on the development of integrated energy-related activities, from the exploration and extraction of natural gas to the development, construction and operation of the Goldboro LNG facility and the production of LNG for sale to Europe and other markets.  Pieridae is on the leading edge of the re-integration of the LNG value chain in North America. Pieridae has 50,571,723 shares issued and outstanding which trade on the TSX Venture Exchange (PEA).

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