Goldboro LNGoverview


Eastern Canada’s LNG Export Facility

The Goldboro Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project will be the East Coast of Canada’s LNG export facility. North American natural gas supplies will be transported to Goldboro, Nova Scotia, using existing pipelines and exported by ship to international markets.

Project overview

Goldboro LNG will include a natural gas liquefaction plant and facilities for the storage and export of LNG, including a marine jetty for loading.

The facility is anticipated to produce approximately ten million metric tonnes of LNG per year and have on-site storage capacity of 690,000 cubic metres of LNG.

The facility is located adjacent to the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, a 1,400-kilometre transmission pipeline system built to transport natural gas between developments in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada and the northeastern United States.

The natural gas supply feeding the project is to be delivered via the existing Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, located directly adjacent to the project. The target markets for the LNG produced at the Goldboro LNG project are Europe, South America and Asia.

Facility overview

Send-out Capacity: Up to 10 million tonnes/year
Max LNG Carrier Capacity: 145,000–250,000 m3
Storage Tanks: 3 x 230,000 m3
Shipments Expected: 7–13 shipments/month 

Other Project Components:
Access road/berthing for tug boats/construction jetty
Commercial Operations Begin: 2023
Capital Expenditures: ~ US$5.0-10 billion.