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You are who you partner with

Sound long-term business relationships are often based on shared values. That is why Pieridae gives a great importance to the values held by the companies it trades and partners with. We value the following shared ideals, practices and concerns in all of our partners:

  • The drive to innovate;
  • The promotion of diversity;
  • Giving back to communities;
  • World-class expertise and experience;
  • Environmentally conscious.

We also recognize that any cutting-edge integrated LNG infrastructure project requires partners with an extensive range of specific technical knowledge and experience. Here are some of the major organizations involved with Pieridae Energy in unlocking’s Canada’s LNG potential:

  • Public partners
  • Private partners
  • Consultants


CB&I is the most complete energy infrastructure focused company in the world. CB&I have served the LNG industry since its inception and have over 100 years of experience in Canada.

National public relations

NATIONAL is the largest PR consultancy in Canada, with offices in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint John, Halifax, St. John’s, New York and London.


AMEC is a focused supplier of consultancy, engineering and project management services to its customers in the world’s oil and gas, mining, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets.